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i need help
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    Default i need help

    i am about to go through wd from percocet and i feel like i wanna scream

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    Hey Sunshine!!

    Are you still out there?? If you would like to offer a bit more info about your percocet use it might be easier for us to offer you the right info. First thing I want you to know is there ARE some things that you can do to make it less tramatic to go through this.
    Are you going through with w/d due to lack of resources, or is it by choice? Are you only trying to "make it" thru until you can get more or do you want to get off of this medication??
    Also, how long have you been taking it and how much are you taking daily and the last are you taking it? Chewing them, snorting them, shooting them??

    If you feel comfortable it would be great if you could give a little more info. There are so many people on this forum that have been through what you are about to go through and they are more than willing to offer very good advise and one thing we never EVER have a shortage of is SUPPORT!!!
    Please come back and let us know a bit more so we can help you out the best way possible and please, please, please Take a deep breath, relax and know you can come here and post and we will be here!! You are not alone and you don't need to "scream" you just need a really good plan to get you through it!!!!!

    Keep your chin up and keep posting!!!!

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