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    Hey, I'm Nick, new forum user here. Up until about Mid-August, I was on a steady diet of probably a dozen RXs.

    Let's do the list: Fentanyl Patches (75's/every 3 days for 2.5 years), Roxicet (90mg/day for 3 years), Oxycontin (2-40's/day for a couple months), Dilaudid (4-8mg/day for a couple months), ENBREL, HUMIRA, + SIMPONI Injections - for Ankylosing Spondylitis (for 18 months) Xanax (6-8mgs/day for around 5 years), Valium before the Xanax (30mg/day for 3 years), Adderall (60mg/day for 8 years), Synthroid - for low thyroid (.025mg/day for 6 months), Testosterone Injections - for extremely low Test levels (1 cc/2weeks for 6 months), Sinequan - to help sleeping (300mg/night-time for around 1.5-2 years), Sulindac - RX-strength Motrin (400mg/day for 2 years). I am now off all those drugs except Xanax, Ambien, and Somas. Before all those drugs I was also on: Lyrica, Celexa, Soma, almost every SSRI antidepressant, every Benzo, almost every Sleeping Pill, and almost every painkiller (I started at Perc 5's and ended up at 75mcg Fentanyl Patches, 90mgs Roxy, Opana, and Oxy.) Those last drugs are just there to show why my levels of Xanax, Valium, and other things were so high. There's probably more, I forget half the stuff I was taking. I have had ADHD, Depression, High Anxiety, and sleeplessness problems since I was 16. I have never found an antidepressant that worked. Everything I was taking was coming directly from Dr. Prescriptions.

    OK enough background info, now the problem.
    3 years ago, I was working and I got a severe pain in my groin and testicles. I went to ER for what I thought was a hernia. After XRays and CAT Scans, I received news that I had 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine region, and 2 medical conditions called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and Sacroilitis (SI). Basically, the AS showed that my spine and pelvis had fused together. I was told that this condition is irreversable and the best that could be done was to "stop the progression" of the damage. I didnt go to ER for Back Pain, I went for Groin Pain. They could not find anything that would cause the groin pain. I was released 3 days later with a Rx for Celebrex and I immediately started taking Enbrel Injections to stop the progression of the damage (6 months). The Injections didn't help so I tried HUMIRA, Then SIMPONI. I bounced around getting approx. 15-20 Xrays, CAT scans, MRIs, EMGs, UltraSounds, Epidurals, and Nerve Blocks in groin and back that led nowhere to helping any pain I was having. While I was getting the tests done, I was in severe pain from my back. I started taking painkillers and progressed to pretty much being in a coma for the next 2 years. I don't remember 2 weeks of those 2 years, but I was getting around. I was driving (on all types of drugs) to Dr. appointments and getting tests done 3 times a week. I eventually got laid off and had to move 30 miles south, back in with my parents for financial reasons. Being 30 miles away from all my doctors (and being messed up out of my mind 24/7) left me very unmotivated to finding out anything else about my illnesses. I turned into a recluse, sleeping all the time, barely leaving my room, not hanging out with any friends. A while ago, my Primary Physician had told me to stop going to my Pain Management Dr, cuz he was ripping me off. My PCP told me he would take over my Rx's for the pain (Fentanyl + Roxy), although he denies doing that now. Anyway, my PCP told me in late July that he wanted to pull me off all the drugs. I wanted to get off the Fentanyl, but I thought I needed the painkillers because we never found an answer to my problems. So he wrote me scripts to taper down the Patches, 75-50 in 1 week, 50-25 in one week, 25-12.5 in one week. August 10th I went to get the 12.5 patches, I was told they didn't exist. Since that was a Friday evening, I could not get back to my Dr until Monday. I was already feeling like ???? from the rapid-taper to the 25 patches and now I was gonna have to stop a week early. My mother was in the hospital because of liver cancer and the chemo was not working. On August 23, my mom slipped into a coma. On August 27, my sister and I were visting my mom in the ECU at the hospital. I was sick as hell and wasn't sure if it was the flu or the withdrawals. I didn't want to spread any of my germs to my already sick mother, so I asked a nurse if I could get checked up real quick to make sure it was just withdrawals. The nurse said I looked terrible and said I should check into ER, I said I had to think about it and asked for a mask. Less than 10 minutes later, my sister and I were informed that my mom was unable to breathe on her own and we had to pull the plug. A big reason I wanted to stop the patches was because my mom didn't like the fact that I was on them for so long. She had started taking them for her cancer and asked me to get off them. So I had done what she asked, but I never got to tell her. The next month was hell, severe depression and withdrawals. My car had broke down so I had no way to really get to a Dr. if I wanted to. I don't think I could have driven anyway. I used my remaining roxy, oxy, and morphine sparingly. I also had to cut waaaay down on my Xanax intake, seeing as I couldn't get to a Dr for refills. I slipped at the end of September and put fentanyl patches on for 9 days cause the pain was getting soo bad again. I am taking some Rx's still, at night I take 1mg Xanax, 1 Ambien, 4 Excedrin PMs, Benadryl and Soma sometimes. Nothing helps with sleep. I get about 4 hours a sleep per day total. I am up at 6am and can't fall asleep until at least 2am. During that time I do nothing but watch tv, shower every other day, and think. I constantly think about EVERYTHING in great detail. Today is October 19th, I got out of bed and was able to do some chores for the first time really, but only because I took Adderall. I can't concentrate on anything and I have forgotten almost everything I knew. Today was just a test to see if the Adderall could help me get motivated. My main fear while taking Adderall is pulling my back out, because on amphetamines you can't calm down and pain just intensifies. That or not being able to sleep.

    My current Withdrawal status:
    I can't sleep and my pulse THROBS through every part of my body. I repeatedly wake up soaking wet, out of breath, and feeling like i'm having a heart attack. No Appetite at all, but i do have the runs every day, all day. I am confused, disoriented, and cannot remember what month it is. Nonstop Headaches Day and Night and I grind my teeth to the point it hurts my jaw. I shower every other day, but I still have this foul body odor that I can't get rid of. I used to sweat all day at work and come home smelling like deodorant, now it doesn't last 4 hours.

    My questions:
    Has anyone been on a ton of drugs and stopped most cold turkey? Does anyone know a website, place or hotline I could call for advice? Are there supplements I should be taking to help? Does anyone know what type of Dr I could contact to help me out? I can't find anywhere on the Internet that deals with quitting a variety of drugs all at once or quitting drugs that you may be taking again because of spine problems that are not gonna go away, only get worse. I can't really go to a plain rehab, cuz I used to work at one and saw how it was. I need a place that has dual diagnosis treatment, 1. attack the drugs and 2. attack my physical illnesses. Simply getting off drugs isn't gonna work. I need to find a common-ground since I've been told i will have back problems for life.

    I want to know if there is an end in sight. I really didn't plan to stop all these drugs at once, I honestly forgot I was taking a lot of them. I have a friend who got hooked on oxy then >>>>>>. He went to treatment and got clean. I asked him after my 1st month of detox, how long i was gonna be like this. He said he was in a rigorous program for a month, working in sweatshop conditions so he could sweat out the drugs and go to sleep at night. I don't exercise at all, I pull my back out taking a shower sometimes. I am running out of health insurance soon and want to know if I can get help from somewhere. I don't know where I would put myself on the detox path. So what would my options be? I heard somewhere that if a Dr. gets you addicted to drugs, that it is his responsibility to get you off the drugs? If So, I should go after my PCP for just dropping me with a huge addiction. Sorry this was so long, I've never done the forum thing before (and I'm on speed). The only reason I was able to write this was because of the Adderall. I spent over 3 hours trying to write this, that's how fast my brain is working nowadays.

    This post is really long. I didn't read the forum rules yet, so hopefully this long ass post will be ok. If anyone knows stuff I should take out please let me know and I will do so.
    If anyone made it this far, I really do need some help here. Anything u got throw my way. I am beyond desperate. Even if you knew the type of Dr that would be best suited to help me, I'll take it.

    Thank You Kindly,

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    You are in my thoughts. I can't imagine what you are dealing with. You are unfortunately the product of the bad health care system. "take a pill and call me in the morning" kinda deal. You started on a roller coaster with the percs, and it spiraled out of control. Your body is more than likely manifesting most of your pain. Being on so many drugs for so long, your body doesn't know how to produce it's own coping mechanisms(endorphins, adrenaline, etc). It will take a long road to get back to "normal"(whatever that is). the 6-8mg of Benzos a day alone is too much for any one person. The fact that you were on that, and EVEN MORE blows my mind. You were either led down this road in naivety or you were "wrangled" by the healthcare system. Im terribly sorry for your situation. I hope things get better for you. You need to focus on exercising and taking plenty of multi vitamins. Drink LOTS of water, and eat healthy. You need a lot of recovery, and in the end you may find that all that "pain" wasn't so bad in the first place. Good luck
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    Hey thanks for the prayers. That has never really been my thing. Maybe its time to start, not doin much else. I wasn't sure if i should delete this post or not. I don't have experience in forums, I don't know with a post that long, if it will attract enough people. Once I started writing everything down, I decided to just write whatever I could remember. That's why it took so long, digging back thru my foggy memory, trying to piece all the drugs and times together. I saved the whole copy somewhere and cut a bunch out to get to the heart. I was led down the painkiller route, at first. I had hope that they were gonna find out what was wrong with my groin, that pain was excruciating. My back I knew the only thing I could do was take the TNF Inhibitor shots (ENBREL, HUMIRA, SIMPONI). Then after all that was under control, I could start physical therapy. I never got passed the 1st part. After using the injections for like almost 2 years, I was already on the heavy narcotics. That's when I gave up hope in my mind. I slept all day and night. Besides the high Xanax, and the fentanyl and oxys, I was taking the Sinequan for sleep. That stuff turned out to be a heavy sedation, tricyclic antidepressant. So I was out alllllll day. The thing that I cant find any info on is about stopping the Testosterone injections, and the Thyroid medicine. How that will play while I quit all the Barcelona and benzos. I stopped taking that stuff because the testosterone would jack up my heart rate and I couldn't sleep. Plus I started taking those drugs becuz of test results that I got when i was deep in my walking coma stage so I did not trust those results. Besides the fact I gained around 100lbs by the time I had to quit everything. I think I made it thru the fentanyl withdrawals, cuz my lower back pain was kicking my ass. Then I put on the patches for 9 days. Now I think this is patch withdrawal again, cuz having the runs all day for months, I wasn't focused on the back pain. I did pull my back out taking a shower and when I sneezed, I had to rock a cane just to get to the bathroom. So right now my back hurts, upper and lower, but not too bad, my groin pain is coming back too. But I am more concerned about my mental health now. I'm up say 18 hours a day. I do nothing but watch tv. My mind is just thinking way too deep into everything, so I end up thinking about some really messed not like a serial killer, more like just about me. I've suffered with depression half my life with no answers, and i get stuck on thoughts of that nature. I kinda feel like I'm fighting a battle I will def lose, even if I male it thru detox. Idk.

    I appreciate your kind words.
    If u have any tips on how to shorten my post or get more people to see it, I'm open for any input.

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