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I'm worried I overdosed on hydro+booze a couple months ago
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    Default I'm worried I overdosed on hydro+booze a couple months ago

    Apologies for the essay.

    So, over three months ago i took 2x 10Mg hydro pills for a total of 20mg and had 3 alcoholic drinks over about an hour. I have no opioid tolerance, but I have taken 15mg hydro recreationally three other times and had no adverse effects.

    I was up and about for the next 8 hours, then I went to sleep. Several hours later I awoke feeling pretty hungover. About 10mins after waking my heart rate skyrocketed and I became confused. I couldnt count my heart rate and look at the clock at the same time, but i eventually figured my heart rate was about 110bpm, so nothing too crazy. I felt fainty for awhile and my lungs were raspy, although sometimes this just happens with seasonal allergies.

    Later in the day I was feeling better., but at one point I noticed my eyes moved up and down slowly, like when alternating vision from the speedometer to the road and back.

    Over the next few days I improved. Five days after initial drug use, however, I felt tense, fainty, and my arms were tingling. I had originally delayed going to the DR because I was worried my drug use would be found out, but I felt bad enough five days later to go. Once there, blood tests showed my anion gap and lactate levels were a tiny bit above normal. I was told I was dehydrated and was sent home after getting some iv fluids.

    For the next several weeks I had pretty bad confusion, like packing supplies for school was wierd and I was very inneffecient. I had a dry mouth, bad fatigue, bad memory, couldn't learn new stuff, my blood pressure felt like it was spiking when I was walking to class, I had bad night sweats. Eventually i dropped out of school and started seeing doctors. They ruled out all the bad stuff like ms, lyme, tumors, etc. All my tests were normal.

    I have had some bad depression and crying which is quite atypical, as well as short periods of euphoria. I feel my sex drive has been high, then low, and masturbating has occasionally felt almost too pleasurable. Sometimes my vision seems off in a way that is hard to describe.

    Things are getting better 13 weeks later now, but I still have some memory issues, delayed recall, and heavy fatigue.

    Did I have a minor overdose? Did toxins from the hydro and alcohol combo build up to damage my brain/ deny it oxygen? I feel like I have a minor brain injury or something, and I worry it was on the more moderate side of mild.

    I don't think I had direct respiratory suppression as I was up for 8 hours after ingestion, but I feel like something messed me up. Since this happened I have stopped doing drugs and drinking and plan to keep it that way.

    Anyways, i thought maybe reaching out here could help. Thanks.

    TL;DR I took 20mg hydro and three drinks. Have felt bad ever since. Did I mess myself up?
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    Hey there Threwandthrough,

    That's quite the situation you have there! You mentioned that you are feeling better some 13 weeks later, I sure hope it stays that way and you continue to improve. I'm far from being qualified to be making any sort of medical diagnosis but it I would lean toward an overdose being unlikely, had that been the case you would have noticed a different set of problems much sooner, let alone still be experiencing side effects some 13 weeks later. Is it possible? I guess on some level it could be. Everyone reacts differently to medications, and then there are allergies, etc. Who am I to say? Perhaps this experience was enough to unmask some sort of other underlying issue you are having?

    In any case, even if the two are unrelated, I think it is a very wise decision to stay clear of the booze and pills ... especially mixing them together! Read through the forums here and see what others have gone through reclaiming their life from pills, etc. It's not the life you want for yourself, trust me, you are much better off without. Focus on your future, you have your whole life in front of you!!

    I truly hope that everything works out for you medically and you find the answers you are searching for.

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks froggy.

    I agree, an overdose seems unlikely, but anything is possible. If something did happen, I guess it would have to be due to the toxic effects of the drugs and not something like respiratory depression as is usually typical of depressant overdoses.

    I would say there is also a strong possibility that the whole thing made me develop a health anxiety/hypochondria thing. It turns out I am deathly afraid of brain damage!

    I don't know if there is a physiological link between the drugs and my anxiety, but I think I have been experiencing derealization/depression/anxiety issues since. Sometimes my vision was just so strange that I was very worried I had injured my brain in some way, yet my eyes cleared an exam and a MRI was negative. Hopefully I just freaked myself out and caused a depressive episode or something. I think I may have even been having panic attacks in my sleep, and I was grinding my teeth so bad for a couple weeks that I have given myself somatic tinnitus. That's more indicative of an anxiety issue, but there is always the possibility the drugs caused some damage which caused the anxiety, which is a reality I need to get over.

    Like I said, I hope this is just a molehill I made into a mountain.

    Regardless, I certainly learned my lesson. If this is something I can fully recover from I think I may even be thankful for it. I think I will be much less stressed in my day to day life now that I have gone through something quite scary, and I am already much more appreciative and greatful for the little things in life.

    It's certainly better to be put off this stuff now than head down the road I was.
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