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Insomnia - Opiate Withdrawal
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    Default Insomnia - Opiate Withdrawal

    Having gone through this, over and over, I thought it worth sharing my experience.

    During opiate withdrawals and the weeks following, I really struggled to sleep. Benzos did not help. Alcohol did not help. Weed did not help.

    I finally found it better to just relax and rest as I could. Although I felt blessed by certain days where I slept deeply, it was the exception not the rule.

    I was prescribed hydroxyzine (Vistaril) which I felt had little impact. However, I always managed 3-4 hours of sleep on hydroxyzine and prazosin, once started. Benadryl made me sleepy, but I never noticed more sleep >> the other meds. Melatonin was useless.

    Now months past acute opiate withdrawal, I find hydroxyzine remains effective, though it does not make me drowsy like benedryl. I just seem to sleep when I remember to take it. Prazosin seems to keep me asleep. I don’t suffer nightmares, just incredibly vivid dreams - not sex or flying, but sex while flying. Crazy stuff.

    Anyhow, I’ve recently added GABA supplements, and find it seems to help with sleep as well, though not in a significant way. I may be used to the combined impact of opiates and benzos - knocking me out. Regular sleep or sleep aids are hard to compare, but I thought it might be worth discussing.

    I remember a time in my life where I did not need an invitation to sleep. I bordered on narcolepsy. However, since stopping opiates I struggle. The meds I mentioned help, but I imagine others might have found solutions or relief. I’m about 90 days off opiates and benzodiazepines and am averaging about 5-6 hours a night. Compared to the weeks I spent not sleeping I’m in heaven, but I still would love to sleep 8 hours a night, without medicinal prompting.

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    Hi, Mojo...welcome to the forum.....I've been off all opiates for 7 months now, and still have trouble sleeping occasionally. But, I'm a lot older now, so who knows if that is from the opiates or not.....glad you've gotten off the little demons. hopefully, the insomnia will improve.!

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