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JedMi still alive!
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    Default JedMi still alive!

    Hello everyone new and experienced (yes I didn't say old). I am seeing some familiar names here all fighting the good fight. This December 25th will be 5 years clean for me. I have not been able to visit the forums much but that's a good thing for me because I am once again back in control of my life. I do miss my friends on here and wish them the best (Caughtagain Reid my hero) and I would love to talk to Ruth just one more time. The rest of you great people that were there for me are seriously the best.

    For newbies I say this every time I's worth it. The pain, the discomfort, the anxiety, the worry, the sleeplessness is all worth it to be back in control of my life. It takes time but that's the beauty of time. Every second you are not taking or under means another second closer to freedom. See in reading this you are much further along in recovery. Keep reading and share if you feel the need. Learn what works for you. For some cold turkey (me) and other prefer a taper. Some need meetings and some just need personal time. Everyones battle feels familiar but we all need to do what works for us.

    I hope we find ourselves in a better tomorrow.

    7+ year Hydrocodone addiction
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    Hiya Jed! I remember you. OMG I sure do miss Reid (CaughtAgain). I used to have his phone number and we were in touch but then my contacts got wiped and I no longer know how to get in touch with him. Wish he would come back!

    I am so happy for you that you have achieved 5 years clean. WOW. That is amazing. Congratulations!

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    Proud of you Jedi.. you and I spent many days saying the same thing, yet you hung in there. Well done.

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