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Just stopping by on my 2 month mark
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    Default Just stopping by on my 2 month mark

    Stopping by to let everyone that helped know I am still goin strong and I believe the 7th will b two months and I feel great and still dont think I couldve done it without all your support a d am also asking everyone to b as good to my friend that is gettin clean to username is igottahelpmyself and I told him I will b here for him but that loggin on and talking to all of u helped me more than anything. Once again thanx everyone and another BIG HUGE THANX to Robert 325 and I know u will help my friend out to cause I told him all about u

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    Great job Abritt!! Cheers to you and a fantastic 2010. We will be there for your friend.

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    So excellent abritt!!!! You should be so proud. And freedom, on the last thread where you mention passing the one YEAR mark, I pressed enter before commenting. How could I fail to comment on that? Wow is all I can say. Wow and Yay and Great Job and Congratulations. All cliche words but said in all sincerity. I'd love to know the secret. I'm sure I know it. Hard work on yourself, determination, moving forward, not backward....
    I envy you...... Good work!

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    Hi Britt. Thanks for coming back. I have 1/15th of your clean time. It helps to know that there is a future. Hey, keep coming back and lift up those of us here that need some help. Could help you too.

    Thanks again.

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