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Kicking Opana: Here we go...
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    Hi group. I've been reading these forums for a while now learning as much as I can, and the amount of info, advice, support, and recommendations on here are amazing. A quick intro on myself. Mid 30s mostly healthy male with a addiction to pills. Because I have addiction in my genes, I've always been very conscious of the "playing with fire" mentality. I've seemingly never had any issues with alcohol, weed, coke, etc through my adolescence and 20's, but have fallen into the pill trap. I have been taking pills recreationally for 10 years but had surgery last year which elevated my use. Just recently I've noticed changes in my everyday life and am trying to correct the problem before it gets worse and head down the same path so many of my family members have traveled.

    One thing I've realized is that even though I recognize i have a problem, my use is minor compared to most of the people on these forums. Because of this, Ive been nervous to reach out with fear that I might not be taken seriously. But F it right? I decided it couldn't hurt. I'm ready to make a change.

    This post is really serving as Phase 1 of my sobriety story: educational and preparation. I've learned so much about what I can expect with the WDs and tips on how to get through. I plan to use the Thomas Recipe and will do what I can to stay active. My biggest issue is the RLS, which is really why I used pills in the first place. I have had chronic achy legs since I was 5 yrs old. I fear the achyyness more then anything else.

    I have already begun to taper myself down to 15mg a day. My plan is to use the next week to mentally get prepared and stock up on the vitamins, modium, and anything else people reccomend. I plan to do this cold turkey without my wife, job, or friends knowing. None know I've been using so, it's all on me.

    I welcome any words of advice and will answer any questions. In reading these posts I recognize the value in being completely honest throughout the process. Sorry for the long winded message, I'll keep my progress reports much shorter, but wanted to set it all up.

    Talk soon.

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    Hey there dude.

    If you could just give us a little more background on your usage at it's peak, and any other pertinent information. You have come to the right place. In order for you to get the best advice we need to know the extent of your use. I know you said 10 years, but how many pills(mg) did you get up to before realizing it was a dead end road.
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    At its peak it, I was taking 60mg oxy/day with 10mg Opama's sprinkled in. But again I was taking only what I could get. Dont even remember what the dr was giving me, and after the 2 or 3 refills, I went back to the 30mg I could get from buddies.

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