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kratom withdraw
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    Default kratom withdraw

    i've been over using kratom for maybe 9 months. I finally decided to go cold turkey this weekend. This is terrible. 26 hours since my last dose. I haven't slept a wink. I was thinking of trying pot to take the edge off. I chose this weekend because it is a 3 day weekend and i can't miss work. I sure hope that this is better by Tuesday.

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    Everyone is different but the physical
    WD is usually over by day 7 with days 2 and 3 bring the worse (for me anyway). . Kratom is a lot like opiate WD from what I read so make sure you take a lot of Imodium AD. You can take double or triple the recommended dose. It will help a lot with stomach issues. Take Advil or Alieve for the aches (you can also Google The Thimas Recipe for withdrawal). The pot might help you sleep but that's addictive too so be careful.
    Good luck.

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