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Married to an addict- when to end it?
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    Unhappy Married to an addict- when to end it?

    Hello im new to this site. I have been married for 6 weeks to my partner of 6.5 years. He has issues with cocoaine (usually stems from alcohol first) he doesnt use everyday but id say it happens on a monthly basis. And when he does it causes chaos, lies, sneaky behaviour and lots of arguments. We have two children and i dont want them to witness these arguments anymore.
    He has been to NA on and off, but never seems to stick to it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as i dont know what to do and its driving me mad.

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    I think you have already made your decision to leave him. So it's really up to you... I don't mean to sound not sympathetic but sounds like you have been together for some time before you got married... If he was like this before your marriage there must be something in him you like for you to agree to marry him and if you really do still love him and don't want to give up then he needs to get help. But it will have to be HIS decision only and I'm sorry to say but you can't make him change this situation... but you could leave yourself and let him deal with his addiction...
    It's a very difficult situation and I wish you all the luck in the world.

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