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methadone addiction
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    Default methadone addiction

    I'm currently on a pain management program but have been struggling with a fused vertabrae and pain medication. It's a catch 22. If I take the pain meds, I'm pain free, but I'm afraid of the fact that I have hepatitis "C" and I have become so physically dependent along with mentally. I believe that I've become an addict from so many years of taking pain meds for chronic pain.I'm thinking of stopping the methadone, but am not looking forward to the returning pain. The doctor has me on 120mgs per day. I could take it upon myself to ween off of the drug, but I've heard some crazy horror stories about this drug.Why have I been given this drug to help my pain when it is also hurting my teeth and other vital organs. Can anyone tell me how fast I can come off of the drug without experiencing withdrawl.Will I still have severe cravings after I'm off? How long does it take to get it completely out of my system? I was told that it sits in the fat tissues for two weeks. Can the forum please share some opinions and information. Is there another drug that is not as bad for my body, but is comparable in strength?
    Thanks forum.

    kevin jourdain

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    Hi Kevin:What are you going to do about the pain if you detox off methadone.Methadone is an exellent drug for chronic pain management.It will not hurt your internal organs,it's one of the most studied drugs in the world.I take 400 mgs a day and yes I'm an addict.My addiction started when I had back surgeries,I don't blame anyone but myself for abusing these drugs.I took narcotics for 22 years everyday.Finally when nothing would work no matter how much I took I looked into methadone.For me it has been a god send,it turned my life around.You sound like a guy who's got his head on his shoulder and I think you may be overreacting.Go on the internet and do some research on methadone.I think you'll find that your worrying for nothing but if you do decided to detox you really should do it with your doctor's help.Methadone has a long half life and does have terrible withdrawls if you don't do it right.Subutox(sp) is another drug you can jump over to once you get down to 30mgs of methadone/day, it is easier to detox off.Good luck and let us know how your doing.........Dave

    P.S. Remember, the most important thing is to keep your pain under control so that your quality of life doesn't suffer......Dave

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