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Morphine different from oxycontin/percocet?
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    Default Morphine different from oxycontin/percocet?

    Ok, my dad was just prescribed 15 mg. of morphine. He was taking percocets and/or oxycontins for his back pain. He wants to know if there is really a does morphine work better than the others? Or is it just not as addictive? Morphine is one painkiller I'm not too familiar with. Thanks.


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    They are all addictive. And i do believe that morphine is stronger than the pers and oxys

    sorry i cannot help you more...i will however sugest an epideral...pills suck. I am in the 6th day clean and just reading what your father is taking makes my mouth water...ughh i wish it wasnt so.

    I wish your family well pain is hard....

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    hi, my mom works at a pain clinic, and she said that if the pain is severe and constant, morphine will probably be better because it is a long lasting and stronger pain killer. percocet is not as strong, and they only last a few hours, usually, it wears off long before its time for another dose, and its not healthy to take more than the prescribed dosage because of ingredients its very bad for the stomach and liver. oxycotin usually last longer than percocet, but isnt as strong as morphine. hope i was helpfull.

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    My 57 year old mother just had her right knee replaced and was initially being administered Morphine for the pain. It worked great for pain relief but she was nauseated beyond any comprehension of the word. She was given Gravol with the Morphine but it didn't really help her at all. She couldn't eat for days or sleep. On the 3rd day she was granted to have her medication switched to Percocet. She definitely prefers it to the Morphine. She is more alert, she has no nausea at all, doesn't need to be on Gravol. The pain relief doesn't last as long as Morphine, but since she is no longer nauseated or vomiting, she still prefers it regardless. Naturally everyone perceives pain differently and people tolerate medications differently, but she definitely prefers Percocet to Morphine. Furthermore, I'm sure it would all depend on what one is using the pain medication for too. Her pain isn't chronic, and it decreases slightly overall everyday, and will continue to. She is getting her left knee done next year, so this was a great wake up call for her.

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    Oxycodone is almost twice as strong as morphine. All narcotic pain meds are addictive, or I should say, one becomes dependent on them, tolerance over time is a fact of life. Morphine is as old as man himself and is an excellent pain killer, but oxy is stronger, some meds work better for different people, it's a matter of trial and error, but of course the least amount it takes the better. His doctor may have taken him off the Percocet to reduce the Tylenol intake, or sometimes they like to swap to change cross tolerance.

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