I had a liver transplant in 2008 and have done extremely well I have had no infections and no sign of rejection so I take a wide verity of medication 2 different pills for high blood pressure and 1 pill for cholesterol and I take 240 Norco a month and 90 valium also I have had 8 surgeries I also take Singulair, 180 50MGs tramadols and have been trying to find a way to cut back on some of this medication a friend recommended I try CBD 1000MGs , I am trying to find out if there is any drug interaction with all this medication and my prograf generc as my liver numbers are droping and I am not sure as to why, I take 1 mg tacroliumus any information would help as I can find no research on mixing CBD oil over the counter with any of my medication

Thank you, I am very excited to hear your response