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My 77 yr old mom has clinical dep. and is now suffering also from severe depression
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    Unhappy My 77 yr old mom has clinical dep. and is now suffering also from severe depression

    My 77 yr old mom told us few yrs ago she has clinicl depression. A quack dr. gave her ridalin to help her. It did for couple hrs. till she crashed. The past 3 yrs her husband my father needed a walker to walk, needed help with alot of things. This june will be a yr that he has been in a home. Doing well. Last yr my mom had to put her 12yr old golden retrevier down. Last few months she has become very depressed maybe even severe depression. On Welbutrin
    but very difficult to help her with her problems. Just getting very frustrated myself. I do have a great brother who helps, my daughter and other family members also do alot, but i feel like its my responsibilty to do all. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who may have or know a elderly parent or someone with similiar situation.
    Need help

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    I, too, have parents that are needing my help everyday. This just evolved in the last two months. It's been really hard as I live 40 minutes away, have a farm to run during the day so I can't take a day off. I know how you are feeling. They need me so much and I am so busy just trying to keep things glued together at MY house. Next two days are filled with parent's dr appointment. I don't know what to do. My mother is having panic attacks or something. It's a mess.

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