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My doc cut me off pain meds with no expaination.
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    Default My doc cut me off pain meds with no expaination.

    Does she have the right to do that? Should I get a lawyer? I have been on 10 mg 3 days a week of norco for 9 years. I have taken the same amount everyday. I do not miss appts, seek other docs and have chronic pain. Every test has been taken to find the source of my pain and they have only shown some degenerative scaring. I also have shoulder pain in the winter due to a car accident. Then one day she makes me sign a contract stating if I miss appts or drug seek she can cut me off. I have done neither. Two days after I signed it she cut me off of two drugs. Can someone please explain to me why she would do this to me!!

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    i'm very sorry to hear that. docs don't usually drop ppl off their meds for no reason especially after 9 YRS! what was the OTHER med ur doc cut u off? u said she stopped 2 of ur meds....just wondering what the other 1 was besides the norco?

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    Default I think we must be missing a piece of information here

    Did they take blood from you at all or anything else unusual before removing the meds? She must have a reason.... What exactly did she say to you?
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