Hello...i have finally figured out how to make my own thread! Lol I've been following these other threads on oxycodone addiction for a long time! Ive typed a few things but they never seem to post? Maybe i just didn't know what i was doing and i hope i do now! Lol

Alrighty ... ive been battling my addiction to oxycodone for 3 years now. I was up to 50mg a day, then found out i was pregnant and quit cold turkey. I couldnt sleep, was extremely emotional, hot cold spells..the whole nine yards. Anyway eventually i was ok. I still thought about them all the time, but i didnt touch them for my babys sake. I had a beautiful babygirl March 2016 by c section & guess what comes along with that? Norcos....i was given 20 and haven't stopped since then.
I have seen roberts taper method and i have aquired a few amount of subutex 8mg pills. I would go cold turkey but now im up to about 150-180 mg of oxycodone a day and i have 2 little ones whom i cherish and love dearly thay depend on me. Even in my darkest hour being sick i always just bit the bullet for them and their needs. Im so guilty all the time and can't live like this anymore. My babies deserve a better me, .....I DESERVE A BETTER ME. i cant save a dime and im tired of putting all my happiness into a pill.cold turkey isn't an option, i have no help or support from anyone and my kids need me.
I got myself into this mess, i gotta get myself out