I have been through a lot these past few months. My spouse is addicted to opioids. I have tried to be supportive, watched the withdrawals, rubbed every part of his body to ease the pain. I thought it was over. Not!!!! A few weeks ago, I lost my wedding ring. I have driven myself crazy looking on every website I can think of to see if my ring is for sale. Long story short, I found it at the pawn shop. Yup! He pawned it. He held me as I cried, watched me go crazy looking for it, and didn't say a thing. Another one of the many things I have had to find out on my own. He always promises that he is not in debt anymore and he isn't buying pills anymore. Of course I don't believe him and he acts like I'm the jerk for not believing him. I don't know what to do. In my heart, I feel our marriage is over. But we have kids who adore him. Has anyone ever been in this situation and saved their relationship? How?