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Need some help, not sure what to expect...
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    Default Need some help, not sure what to expect...

    Hi its Jodi again,
    My husband has beed on suboxone for about 4 months now and his dr. is starting to drop his dosage to get him off of everything. I have read a bunch of the posts on here and it seems like you guys have all done it differntly than this dr. She is doing a really slow taper. He is now on 4 mg from 8 mg. i guess my question is what can we expect when he is completely off. He is happy not having any thoughts of needing pills. Will this craving return after he is completely Suboxone free? He is still sneaking and buying stimulants so that makes me wonder if he's just going to go right back to using. Does anyone have any past experience or advice for me. His drug of choice was opiates.



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    Jodi... Just wanted to pop in and give you this link to read as far as how SUBS have been used on this forum.. In general, Docs have used higher doses both when inducting, as well as when maintaining... As far as what happens after he is off.. The key there is to get in a support group (pick one) to equip him with the tools he needs to stay clean... The first thing he WILL NEED is the desire or want to stay clean.. IF he has that he is on the right path... I do not like the still seeking or sneaking though... All my best Reid

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