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Oh no!!!
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    Default Oh no!!!

    I was just on here so happy the other day cause I have been clean two months and j have not had problems with my back in a while since I had the surgery to fix it and today I have been doin yardwork all day and I have a bad feeling I hurt my back and I have a question and I would really appreciate it if someone who really knows what they r talking bout well I'm not sure what I did but I did something not good to my back it is swollen pretty bad and for some reason the area of my back where I had the surgery done is very hot and I'm wondering if there is a reason that that area is so much hotter than anywhere else on my body

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    Hi Abritt. Sorry about your back. I got some problems there too but not currently. My understanding is that when an area is hotter then surrounding (like the inside of my right knee) it is inflamed and should be iced to reduce blood flow and stop or decrease swelling. Twenty minutes ice on and 40 minutes off. Those are directions I have gotten from my docs. However; if I understand you correctly, you have a hot area at the site of a surgical incision.

    I am not qualified at all as this is concerned.

    OK! If you were here and if you were a friend that I knew and you had what seemed to be a hot area ( increased blood-flow ) at the incision site. I would be stating, either 'Call your doc' or 'Need a ride to the emergency room. Ill wait for you.'
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