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online benzos without a script
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    Default online benzos without a script

    For anyone who hasn't read my post a few days ago, I will sum it up quickly. I was on 2mg xanax 3 times a day for about 3 years. My doctor completly took me off the med without any warning. He said other patients were abusing them and he was being watched by the DEA. So my question is, has anyone ever ordered benzos online without having a prescription? Are all those scams? Mexican, Canadian pharmacies? It seems like a scam to me, but I am really having a hard time getting by without the xanax. Anyone who used these resources or knows anyone who has, please post. Thank You.

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    Any doctor knows that stopping a drug like Xanax cold turkey with out a taper can cause seizures. If you doctor did in fact cut you off cold turkey he is opening himself up to a large malpractice issue. Especially as you indicated it had nothing to do with any behavior that YOU personally were responsible for.

    You need not spend all the money and mess that comes from trying to use on-line pharmacies. All you need to do is bring your prescription bottle (or proof of refills from your pharmacy ~ They can supply you with a print out showing your prescription filling history) to any ER or walk in clinic and I can promise you that any dr. seeing your history would be aware that you can’t stop these meds cold turkey and would assist you. And trust me going that route is going to cost less over all than the consult and med/shipping etc. charges from ording on line.

    Again, I find it extremely worrisome that your doctor is risking your health based on OTHERS behavior. If the DEA is in fact watching him they would also be very disturbed to see him handle your prescriptions in that way. They don’t just target drs. That over prescribe they also look for drs. That have no clue what the heck they are doing and your dr. seems to qualify!!!!

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