I have been using Oxycodone for 4 years and am now getting off of them. On average I was taking 150-200 every other day.
My last dose was 3 days ago. I decided to try Suboxone for assistance with cravings and withdrawals. The longest I’ve made it on my own is 4 days. I got Suboxone from a friend. I took it 36 hours after the last Oxycodone dose. I took 2mg, an hour later 2 more.
I am floored how I have zero cravings. So yesterday and today I took 4mg of the Suboxone.
Tomorrow I am going to the doctor because I want medical assistance to help with this addiction. But now, I am worried they will not offer Suboxone to me as I obtained it by myself, and I won’t be in withdrawal when I get there in the am.
I just wanted to know if anyone has been in a similar situation. And if anyone has any advice to offer. I really appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thank you.