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Oxycodone Withdrawal--Day 4!
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    Default Oxycodone Withdrawal--Day 4!

    Hello! I am new here, although I've been reading, quietly, a lot, until now! I am on day number 4 of oxycodone withdrawal. I was prescribed 15mg. x 3 per day, following what should have been a simple outpatient laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery, however, my surgeon "nicked" me during that surgery, leading me to bleed internally, having to be rushed into emergency open abdominal surgery to stop the bleed. I lost two pints of blood, needed a blood transfusion, spent five days in the ICU! That was two months ago. I hated the way oxycodone made me feel, however, it stopped my surgical pain, so I took it. After a few weeks, I found myself "needing" it, simply to function! 4 days ago, I decided that enough was enough, so I finished my prescription at 5:00PM on Friday, February 9, 2018! Days 1-3 were unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life! RLS (horrible), night sweats (awful), ZERO energy, very little appetite, hardly able to sleep! I know that my dosage/length of time using, doesn't even come close to so many of the other stories that I've been reading about here, I still just wanted to share my own personal experience! One thing I do know for sure, oxycodone is the devil in disguise of an angel! NEVER again will I EVER swallow an opiate pain reliever! Day 4 almost complete! Rest of my normal, happy, sober life to go! I'm never looking back!

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    Good for you. And good that you stopped yourself before months became years.
    I’m rooting for you.

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    Great job! You totally got this!

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