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    Default pain control

    I have been reading these forums and am now confused. Addiction is obviously horrendous but....what are people whos life is full of pain?
    I am fortunate that my pain is somewhat managed by extra str tylenol..aleve or some days motrin..never aleve and motrin same day.
    For two years was on lortab 5mg three times a day but to be honest is didnt touch the pain..just made it bit more bareable. No longer take them as the cost >> effect wasnt worth it. Someday my pain may not be so manageable though. I use hot water bottle, heating pad when pain is screaming. I am also concerned with quality of life though. I rarely leave home as it causes pain to be worse for atleast 6 additional hours if not more...and after so long you quit doing things because you feel the benefit does not outweight the extra pain.
    I see a lot of people worse than I am...and I cant help but wonder..what are they suppose to do? What are the actual rates of addiction >> people who just want desperately to have help with severe pain?
    While the alternatives are great as addition,when and if they work, but...on the addiction side isn't is for physicians to watch for, base meds on weight, diagnosis and to not necessarily increase etc regardless how manipulative patient is? I realize patients are very clever, and as a nurse have had every excuse/reason thrown at me but what are the answers?
    Is it actually addiction in every case or just wanting pain relief?
    Are some people just addictive personalities or bodies who absorb and use narcotics differently?
    Certainly there are a large percent who after being off no addictive symptoms (withdrawl) and yet have severe pain that totally limits a life of any kind besides living in front of a tv? Just not sure where the middle ground is or what answer is../sigh

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    Hey Myki,
    Addiction is very horrible. But there is a difference in addiction versus tolerance. Chronic pain patients, if they use their medication AS prescribed will build up a tolerance to the drug and that dose may or may not be adjusted.

    Now, addiction was once probably a legitimate pain patient but did follow dosing instructions and then started self medicating, thus the need for more and more as the tolerance keeps going up.

    As with both instances both patients have built up tolerance and when they want to or need to stop the drug they are to be weaned down slowly. If a addict cannot do this type of program there are others such as methodone, subutex or rehab.



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    When narcotics are used for chronic pain the patient rarely gets addicted rather they become dependent on the pain pills.Believe me there is a big differance to being addicted and abusing your narcotics than being dependent on them and using them to control your pain.Big difference and most people don't have to worry about addiction although it is good to be aware of it......Dave

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