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Pain management doctors
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    Default Pain management doctors

    Hi I wanted to know if anyone knows of a pain management doctor who is not afraid to prescribe pain meds in northern New Jersey. I have one now but he is forcing me to go and speak to a therapist. I have RSD the most painful disease in medical history and have it in my ears. I can't listen to people talk for more than 10 minutes ,if I talk to long my ears will start to stab, throb, it's like an ice pick in my ears, honestly. The pain is so severe it will then engulf my head, eyes, neck. The pain can last for weeks, until it gets back to my normal pain level. Have been in meds for about 10 yes. There is no cure for this disease, I have tried blocks, infusions, everything. My meds do help me as long as I am not around any noise. It's awful to have to be isolated, but that's how it has to be. I only leave the house for doctor visits. So if I can't tolerate talking to this therapist, I think my doctor will let me go which is unfair. Thanks

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    I also have the dreaded RSD which is now called CRPS 1 or 2, I am in Atlanta and have know names for you, however there is a national website for RSD, hopefully you will get some I have it also but due to early diagnoses I am getting by. Good Luck to you

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