Hello, I just wanted some opinions because I can’t talk to anyone about this.
Someone I know has had a pill problem going on two and half years. It started small, and he could go days without it but the past year has been one of steady use. Due to increased consumption, the scrip would run out and he would have 7-10 days cold turkey and never more than 4 10-325s a day. This past week, consumption increased to up to 80 mg a day and now there are only 4 pills remaining and no chance of getting more for a week...though I believe it’s time to quit because he really went overboard this past time. He has gone cold turkey before but never after taking that much. For prior weeks off, he has stated that the withdrawal was not unbearable just achy, depressed, and some insomnia. This time, he is worried it will be more severe but I think he will be okay since he’s handled it well before. His concern is the high dosage but I assured him that since it wasn’t for a long period of time and he has weeks off in between “benders”, he should be able to manage symptoms like before. Has anyone been in a similar situation ? Any advice? Please help.