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    Any body on bezos for being paranoid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clumzy24 View Post
    Any body on bezos for being paranoid?

    Welcome ot the forum. You started 2 other threads and that can get very confusing for the members here to follow. Post on this thread alone and don't post anything on the others and they will disappear into the archives. You'll have all your info on this thread and it will be much easier for everyone. Thanks.

    We need a lot more information before we can offer any solid advice. How long have you been using benzo's, how much were you taking at the highest dose, and how much are you taking now daily? Please provide all the info you can share. There are, and have been plenty of members using and abusing benzo's on these forums. I was one of them. There's plenty of experience here to help, but we need more insight into your using.


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