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Pills you can't crush??
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    Default Pills you can't crush??

    I know alot about extended release...but there are other medications that can't be crush, does anyone know of a website that I can use on regular basis looking up meds that can't be crushed?

    Thanks, KAL

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    A very simple rule is don't crush meds! They are meant to be taken in the form they are produced. Don't be foolish.

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    I have had to crush my meds before when I couldn't take them whole due to swallowing difficulties and after my gastric bypass surgery. Many people have to crush their pills and put them into pudding etc., for easy swallowing. Yes, extended release pills should not be crushed but there are many others (too many to mention) that should not be crushed either. My best advice to you is o call your pharmacist. He/she will know exactly if the med is crushable or not. Often, manufacturers will provide the med in a liquid form also. Your pharmacist can tell you that too. You are smart to ask this question as some pills are harmful to your body if they are crushed, while most it's ok. It is important to know, so just call the pharmacy and ask. Good luck.

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    Default Most pills can be crushed.

    The fact is most pills can be crushed. as far as dry pills... if they are scored they can be crushed. capsules can be open and added to pudding or what ever... If the caps have granulars (meanng round balls) in them then they are time release and should be taken in side the capsule.

    If all this is about crushing oxy's then your playing with fire and may just kill yourself.

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