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Positive for benzodiazepines while taking zoloft
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    Unhappy Positive for benzodiazepines while taking zoloft

    Is there anyone out there that can tell me why I keep testing positive for benzodiazepines and I'am not taking any benzodiazepines. This is running me crazy. I 'am on a program and they don't believe me,when I say I'am not during anything except my medadone,blood pressure & my diabetic medicine.That it. Help me Please..............lost in ILlinois

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    Default Zoloft false positive

    Dear Denise,

    Yes! I have been doing the random drug testing for 17 months, and it has always been negative. I started taking Zoloft 1 week ago, and I tested positive for benzo's. Zoloft is the only offending factor that it could possibly be.

    Julie S.

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    Default Tested Positive for Benzos

    I have also tested positive for Benzos while taking Zoloft.
    While in a treatment center for Alcohol addiction I ran out of my Prozac and without my doctors consent they started me on Zoloft.
    7 months later I am attending AA meetings 3 times a week and have been clean of any alcohol or drugs.
    About 2 months ago I went to my doctor because of feelings of being very tired and having restless nights of sleep. He took some blood and urine from me and called me that evening to tell me I am so tired because I must be taking Benzos because they showed up in my urine.
    Well I know I have not taken any such drug and at the time I was going through outpatient as part of my program for sobriety.
    I asked to get a urine test from them and it also came back positive for Benzos. Around that time I wanted to get off Zoloft so I cut the amount down in half. A couple weeks later I had requested another UA from my outpatient program and it once again showed up positive for Benzos but the funny thing is, is that it was half the amount that I had the first time.
    Is that coincedence or what? Anyway my outpatient counselor suggested that go back through inpatient but I know in my heart of hearts that I have not touched or ingested any substance of any kind so I have quit outpatient and have been happy and sober since.

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