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Purchasing drugs online? Can you??
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    Red face Purchasing drugs online? Can you??

    My dad has cancer and they have reccommeded a drug here in the UK called Nexavar Sorafenib. However although it is licensed here in the UK he has been turned down for it purely for finacial reasons.
    Now my parents have come to the decion to buy the drug. The price I saw on the NHS website said it costs 30,000 per year.
    Therefore my question is can you purchase specail drugs like this online so it is cheaper than that. My parents will have to remortguage there house for that kind of money.
    Can you buy from abroad?. Any recomendations where to get it?
    Do you think its posible to get it cheaper?


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    I doubt very much Mike that a drug like that is available but you could try. I wish you and your family all the best especially your Dad.....Dave

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    I feel your pain. All of the drug cos. are simpathetic to these situations. I suggest you write to half a dozen explaining your situation in detail. Send your letters to their PR department and then try following-up with a phone call.

    God bless

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    This is from the US website for patient info ( Perhaps they can point you in the right direction for UK assistance. I can't attest to whether it would help or not, but I remember a website called that might have more info as well. I wish you the best:


    By calling 1.866.NEXAVAR (1.866.639.2827) Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM EST, a REACH Program Counselor can:

    * Answer clinical questions about Nexavar
    * Answer your questions about insurance coverage, including questions about the new Medicare Part D drug benefit
    * Assist you with contacting your insurance company about covering Nexavar
    * Identify and help you apply for alternate sources of coverage and payment for Nexavar, if needed
    * Review your eligibility, if necessary, for Nexavar patient assistance if you do not have insurance

    After verifying your insurance coverage, the REACH Program Counselor will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy provider (SPP). The SPP will fill your prescription and arrange for delivery of Nexavar to you. Before each refill is due, you will receive a call to arrange the next delivery.

    Nexavar will not be filled through retail pharmacies.
    Nexavar can be obtained through the REACH Program.
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