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Scared and need positive thoughts/advice with Sub detox
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    Default Scared and need positive thoughts/advice with Sub detox

    I have just begun my Suboxone detox Wednesday night at 11pm. I took a Suboxone 8mg/2mg, and it made me pretty drowsy, so Thursday, I cut one of my films in half, and did the 1st half at 11am and took the second half at 11pm. So far, I feel ok. The Suboxone has been doing its job of fighting off the withdrawal symptoms. I have 28 films, so that will give me 28 days if I cut the films in half. Would it be ok after about a week of the cutting the films in half, if I cut them in thirds to lower my dose and get as low as I can before I run out? I really want to taper off of these and get as low of a dose as I can b/c, like most people, am terrified of the w/d and still must work and maintain as much as I can. I got my films from my doctor, but honestly, have absolutely no desire to go back to him ever again. I won't get into it, but his answer to everything was to throw pills at the problem. I'm not shirking responsibility, b/c it is on me for getting hooked, but why so many pills! Anyway, when I realized I had a bad problem (up to ten 50mg Tramadols & eight 10/500 Lortabs a day), i made the decision to stop these damn pills. I weaned my way down to 1 Tramadol tablet per day, but still was taking the Lortabs like crazy when I got the Suboxone. So 28 Suboxone films is all I have.

    I am scared and feel like a dunce for getting hooked on these things. Any advice and/or positive thoughts would help. I know it sounds silly to ask someone to say something positive to you or tell you its going to be alright, but when you are around people that have gone through this before, it makes you feel better lol.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS: This is my first post ever, so if its in the wrong place, I do apologize and I will move it where the Moderator see's fit.

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    Welcome to the forum, Click on the attached link and give it a read... Simply put, this is the way to Go... All my best, Reid

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    Welcome Pain and you are not a dunce, lighten up on yourself! it will be ok listen to the people here and go to the site Reid posted for you and congratulations on your choice to get clean Dog

    wadup Reid !!
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