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shelf life oxy
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    Default shelf life oxy

    My friend has some oxy that he wants to take and I told him that he should just throw them out cause you never know how long prescription drugs can last and shouldnt use them. I am a methadone patient and anything to get him to stop would be great, I just dont want to lie to him and said that the pills are too old to use as a deterant for now. Hopefully they go bad, but I really don't think that they do, but kinda hopin they do, so it would deter him from using them. He has 15mg instant release and the regular coated slow release as well. I was hoping that since oxy is a oxiginated hydrocodone molecule that maybe the oxygen molecule would seperate and make them somehow unusable. He has been clean longer than me, but wants to go back out. I know there is only so much I can do to deter him from using, but anything for now to deter would help. I am definately not going to hide or throw them out on him, cause that may just make the situation worse, but I seem to have my hands tied at the moment. Once again my question is what is the shelf life on the instant relief and the regular ocs. Hopefully short. He has been saving these things for about 2 years, and hoping they are bad now. Probably not, but if you guys have any helpful info. I would show him this site and responses you guys say, since anything I tell him he thinks is a lie. Thanks for any help. I slipped up before so I guess I cant say not to slip, cause then I would be a hipocrit, but I just dont want him to go out, he had just as bad as a habbit as me and a lot of people here and more using them to mantain since gettting high really didnt happen for us anymore. More or less we used to mantain and not get sick. Hope anyone has direction or any answers.

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    Most pain pills have a shelf life of aprox 2 years, they do lose their potency after time, but it takes much more then two years, a five year old pill probably doesn't even lose any strength yet.
    You're going to have to come up with a better angle, try being truthful about the way you feel, it should be all you have to do.

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