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So I started methadone =(
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    Default So I started methadone =(

    Finally got a hold of methadone and decided to just give that a try. Craigmack said that it helped him get off and he only used it for 2 weeks. Great news is that I'm only on 20 mgs and that completely gets rid of any trace of W/D and even gives me a buzz. When I found out 20 is good enough for me it gave me hope. It tells me that my addiction isn't really too too bad. Other people need upwards of 100+ mgs to get rid of withdrawals. I don't plan on staying on this medication long at all. Maybe a week. To be able to go a day without having to poke my vein really makes me happy. I had a good discussion today with friends who use to be addicts that were totally surprise that I have become one. They never would of thought I would ever shoot up dope. They really drilled me as far as what the hell was I thinking. It sucks having dreams and not being able to do them. I really want to start body building but this addiction prevents me from doing any of that. I really want to do it and think about it daily. This might sound bad but I really miss being an alcoholic. I miss having that being my only problem. This is really so much worse. The methadone is such a great relief knowing that I won't be in full blown withdrawal 6 hours later. I can sleep assured now. It is an opiate and I hate that fact. But it's so much nicer comming off of methadone. W/D hits you like a wall of bricks after >>>>>> but with methadone it is a nicer landing for me. A lot of people say that it lasts about 20-24 hours for them but methadone lasts up to 48-72 hours for me before I start to feel withdrawal. That is sooo much better than 6 hours. I guess I have a question also. If i'm on methadone for a week, will the >>>>>> be totally out of my system by then? That is, if I stop taking the methadone in a week will I still get withdrawal from >>>>>> or how does it work at that point. Craigmack, it would be really nice to hear from you since you've successfully quit using this method...Please respond

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    well like i said before, this is the method that only worked for me!! all people are different. when i stopped taking the methadone i felt nothing, no w/d or anythig like that, maybe a little tired tworads the end of the night but thats a given chasin around a 3 yr old, 6 yr old and 12 yr old. also i was on vicodin, and you know as well as i know the >>>>>> is worse. (im not judging you though) as for your week or so after i would think that the major part of the w/d s would be over. it was for me, and it still is. im on day 6 and ive never felt better, im not in my room cooped up, im out of the house, and even hit the bar tonight and had a coulpe beers. i hope this works for you, and i pray it does, i just suggest not staying on the methadone to long for that will be the next problem. also when i quit the methadone, i just quit, and i was active, thats the key (for me) was to move and be mobile, if not only through the house. and keep it in your mind that "this is your life and not the drugs" YOU CAN DO IT!!

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