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Starting sub induction process tomorrow morning
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    Default Starting sub induction process tomorrow morning

    I am switching from methadone to subs and will be taking my first dose in the am. It will be 72 hrs since my last methadone dose but i am afraid of being kicked into w/d. I have been prescribed sub tablets and did not know if it made a difference to be on subutex in order to minimize w/d symptoms? I have read a lot of good advice from some wonderful caring people and was wondering if anyone has any advice before I started. I have a great support system at home but no one has experienced with addiction so sometimes it is a little difficult fir my family to completely understand what i am going thru.
    Tomorrow before I begin taking the suboxone I will make sure I am at a minimum score of 26 on the COWS chart. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I am very nervous about the precipitated w/d symptoms. Thanks in advance and god bless the wonderful people on this forum.

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    Hello Switching.

    Welcome to the forum. I've never taken Subs, but many here have. I've read many of their stories. Yes, make sure you hit 26 on the COWS sheet before taking anything.

    Give us a little history RE: your drug of choice, frequency, and amount. What brought you here, etc. There are many people here who can help get you through this a painlessly as possible.

    Be sure to start at the lowest dose possible (usually no more than 4mg a day). Robert_325 was the resident expert on Sub tapering. Search the forum for any posts by him here:

    Good luck and stay strong. You will get through this!


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