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Struggling with anxiety, doctors closed for Christmas.
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    Default Struggling with anxiety, doctors closed for Christmas.

    I recently came off Citalopram because I felt like it wasn't doing much to help and I discussed with my doctor about starting a new antidepressant but now it's Christmas and the doctors is closed for a week. I'm struggling really badly, like panic attacks and everything without medication and I'm really desperate for something. Does anyone know what I can do? Or if I can get the meds from someone else like 111?

    Please any help would be great.

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    Hey Aaron. Just wanted to poke my head in and say I'm sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately I know nothing about anti depressants. So I'm not gonna try to give you any suggestions. All I'm gonna say is to keep your head up and be a little patient. I'm sure some one will be by that has nor experience / knowledge than I do. It gets a little slow around here on the weekend's and doubly so with the holiday today. (Merry Christmas by the way!!) So just try to hang in there, someone will be by.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi, Aaron. Just coming by your thread to say, "Welcome to the forum, and Merry Christmas!" Unfortunately, I have no advice for you. I have been needing my muscle relaxant for weeks now, and calling my doctor does no good whatsoever. Yeah.....merry Christmas to me......and to you.Do you have any magnesium? Valerian Root? They may help a bit. Other than that, I've got nuttin'. So sorry, hope you feel better!

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    Hello Aaron welcome to the forum. I see you have started multiple threads. Stick with one so as we can find you it get confusing when members have to jump around. We are all here to support you..
    again welcome..

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    Hello Aaron,

    If you have a current Rx for the SSRI Citalopram, and you are out, a pharmacist can give you a small amount to get you through until you can see a doctor. This is at the pharmacists discretion. Laws have become more strict regarding this practice but considering the adverse reactions known to result from stopping these medications abruptly, and the fact that the medication is not a narcotic, many pharmacists will still give a maintenance/emergency supply. If I were you I would take an empty bottle to the pharmacy in person. It's worth a try. Also, almost any clinic or ER will do the same. Good luck.

    I hope this helps and that you feel better. Merry Christmas.


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    Hi Aaron! You could try to reach an on-call doctor or nurse at your local health clinic or hospital. That’s where I’d start anyhow. I’m sorry you’re going through this during the holidays.

    I drink chamomile tea when I stress out too much. It’s a tiny, subtle helper, but I do usually feel better for it.

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