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Suboxone induction help. Roberts plan.
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    Default Suboxone induction help. Roberts plan.

    I need help from anybody that has followed Roberts taper plan or whom have experience with what I'm dealing with.

    For years I used strong opioids and was addicted after three years abstinence, I picked back up again in the form of Kratomthe legal and practically OTC powdered leaf. After a years worth of daily use ~30 grams per day, never missing a dose, I kicked it and remained abstinent another 18 months

    I relapsed and have been taking ~30 grams per day, every day for the last 6 1/2 months.

    The withdrawals are not as severe as that of what I used to be addicted to but none the less horrific and debilitating.

    I have in my possession 3 8mg suboxone strips and this is where I need guidance from anybody that has used Roberts taper, Kratom, or both.

    I've studied the taper plan throughly, but I'm afraid of not having enough sub, depending on how much I need to induce and stabilize.

    I've calculated out that with 24 mg I can induce as high as 1.5 mg and complete so long as I don't make a mistake, cut a strip incorrectly, or worse need more than four days before reducing at one of my drops.

    Knowing that I can take 5 or even 6 days if I have to and have enough sub to complete my taper would be comforting.

    But if there's somebody on here that feels confident that I could induce under 1.5 mg I'd love to hear from you.

    Im looking for advice because I NEED to quit but cannot handle the withdrawal and carry on in life and there's so few studies on Kratom that I'm forced to resort to trial/error and the experience of others.

    To those that aren't familiar with it, it falls somewhere between hydrocodone and codiene in strength and has multiple known alkaloids (4 or 5)that partially agonize the mu opioid receptors, with half-life's that range from 90 minutes up to 4 hours.

    An average dose(of which my habit consists of 5-8 per day, appears to have the closest resemblance to around 20-30 mg hydrocodone for me, and the best anecdotal evidence shows this to be close to accurate though nobody truly knows.

    Additionally it varies in strength due to being non-standardized and unregulated, which makes it very difficult to taper.

    I'm miserable and eager to get off of it. I may be able to acquire more sub, but obviously I'm not betting the farm on it.

    ANY help would be greatly apreciated.

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    Please excuse me. I posted this is the wrong forum, I'm moving it over to the suboxone treatment forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thillman View Post
    Please excuse me. I posted this is the wrong forum, I'm moving it over to the suboxone treatment forum.

    It's OK to post on any of the Forums. In fact, the Need to Talk Forum usually has the most traffic but it becomes slow on all of the Forums over the weekends so don't get frustrated if you don't get a lot of responses. I see that Ming posted to you on your other thread. By the way, allow one of these threads to drop off. Doesn't matter which one. It's just much easier to find your posts and responses in one place. Having more than one thread going gets confusing for everyone.

    Ming gave you some really good advice. Be careful with those subs. I too think that they are overkill for what you're taking but this is your journey. If you go ahead with the subs, begin really low like Ming suggested and you just might be surprised with how little you need. Keep posting and good luck.



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