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Suboxone and Sex
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    Default Suboxone and Sex

    I starting dating a guy several months ago who has been on Suboxone for about a year after a 10+ year pill addiction, he has not slipped up at all and is very dedicated to his recovery. He has been very upfront with me about his history and his Suboxone treatment, unfortunately I don't have any experience with addiction or treatment so I've been learning as we go and I'm looking to see if anyone else has been in a similar situation and can maybe give me some advice. I'm very proud of him which I tell him all the time, I love him and want to pursue a life with him and I do know that his addiction will always be a part of him. That being said, after a year on the program they are going to lower his dose from 16mg a day to 12mg.

    I don't want to come off sounding selfish and I want more than just sex from him, I love the connection we have and have never connected with anyone like I do with him but I have a question about sex drive and suboxone. He does not have much of a sex drive at all, especially for a guy in his late 20's. We have sex maybe 2-3 times a month and he always enjoys it and I think it's great but he sometimes has a hard time getting hard and it never lasts very long, I've never said anything to him because I know he is self conscious about it and always apologizes that it is so quick and he always takes care of me but there is something that can't change the intimacy of actual intercourse. My question is to anyone who has been on Suboxone and tapered down...does your sex drive come back as you taper down dosage and/or get off completely? He has told me that prior to the Subs he did have sex a lot so I think that definetely has something to do with it. Obviously I would prefer that he stay clean and make himself the best he can be and I'm not going to leave him or anything because I can't imagine my life without him, I'm just curious if things will ever change.

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    Hi there. Yes, opiates cause loss of sex drive and other sexual issues. Sub is a partial opiate, so it tends to have the same effect. His sex drive will return to normal once his dose gets WAY down and once he's off for good. Whoever has him on 16mg of Sub for a year is a moron. Unfortunately, most Sub doctors keep their patients on high (and totally unnecessary) doses of Sub out of ignorance or greed. There's a lot of money to be made with Sub patients and doctors take advantage of that fact.

    You should let him know that we have a great taper plan here that has worked for countless people. I used it myself and was able to get off Sub with minimal discomfort. Even 12mg is a very high dose. Most people find that they feel just the same (and even better usually) on 2-4mg than they do at higher doses. With Sub, less is more. He could taper off using the taper plan we have. He wouldn't have to tell his doctor. Most members here who use the taper plan don't tell their doctors they're tapering because the docs tend to get uppity about it. Like I said before, docs want to keep patients ON Sub. It's pretty shameful, actually. Sub isn't meant to be used long-term but doctors don't tell their patients that.

    I got stuck on Sub for many years. Once I learned the truth about the drug, I used the taper plan to wean off and it worked wonders. See if he's interested. To read the plan: go to the Suboxone Treatment board. The very first thread is titled "Suboxone Therapy". Skip down to the taper plan part.

    All the best,

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