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Suboxone and total knee replacement
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    Default Suboxone and total knee replacement

    I've between on suboxone for years and need knee replacement. When I stop suboxone, opiates by mouth have no effect on my pain even 5 weeks after stopping suboxone. What can I do?

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    Phytmama, welcome to this forum, I don't have any advice for this problem but suggest you talk to a pain control Dr. with lots of sub experience he/she should be able to help.

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    Hello and welcome to our forum.

    We will need a bit more info to properly advise you on this situation. How much Suboxone were you taking at your highest dose, and how much were you taking daily when you stopped taking it?

    If I'm understanding you correctly you are in need of a knee replacement and have stopped the Suboxone to prepare for that. Is that correct? When are you scheduled for the surgery? And it seems you're now taking opiates to help with the pain, but receiving no benefit from them? Do I have that right?

    Please tell us what opiate you're taking, and how much per day, along with answers to the other questions. All the info you can provide really helps us understand the entire situation. How many years on the subs?

    Suboxone is a very powerful opiate with an extremely long half life. It remains in your system quite a while even after stopping it. But if you've been COMPLETELY off the subs for 5 weeks then any opiate should be doing it's job in my opinion. If you've been taking massive doses of Suboxone for a while (as in 8mg to 24mg or more per day) that could help explain the issue.

    Get back with us and we'll go from there. All the best to you!


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