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    Default Subsux

    Been taking sub for a couple years .. .
    Not much
    Maybe a quarter a day at the most.
    I cut down to about a mg a day for two weeks ...
    Day 6 of none .
    Is it gonna get worse ??
    Does it matter how little you take ..
    Haven't slept in forever .. insane .. can't eat ...
    Just wanna know what I'm in for here
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    Hey jess. Welcome!! Subs really do suck. And congratulations on 6 days. Unfortunately 1mg of subs is still a hefty dose because subs are so strong, and have a very long half life. Just as a ballpark, I'd say you have at least a week or two before you get back to normalish. I also jumped from 1mg of subs and it was no picnic. But it is definately doable!!! Check out the Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal. Give it a google. Everything there will help you on this journey. Minus the benzos unless you're already taking them under a doctor's supervision. Imodium is a lifesaver!!! Liquid form works best. Take as directed and needed. Hot baths, showers and heating pads for the rls. You can also try some of the products from hylands. I used Hylands restful legs. Works for some not for others. Bananas and potassium help also. Try to eat a protein rich healthy diet, lots of leafy greens and vegetables. Protein shakes will help if you can't stomach any food. I lived off them for the first 2 weeks.

    Get out and stay active!!!! Get off the couch!!! I know it feels like a walk to the mailbox feels like a 5k but it will really help you to get those endorphins moving. Everything you're feeling is normal and part of the process. It will get better with time. It's just a slow process. We did not get here in a day it's going to take some time for our bodies to heal. Keeping a positive mindset is helpful as well. Keep reminding yourself of why you're doing this in the first place.

    I gotta run now but I will be back later.
    Welcome again you couldn't have found a better place for support. There are so many knowledgeable people on here that will help you through this process. Read some threads post as often as you need to it really helps even if it's just to whine and get it all out

    Welcome and congratulations again. You can do this!!

    Also if you want to check out my thread it's in the prescription drug addiction forum. Titled "Day 11 no suboxone. Looking for info"

    I used it as a journal of sorts for the first 45 days or so. Most of the good stuff is in the beginning 2-3 pages. May give you a little insight. Keep in mind everyone heals differently so you may rebound quicker than I did.

    I'm so happy for you!!! We are here for you!
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    Here you are...Over here....I think you are through the worst of it....and should start feeling a bit better every day!! Although it will stay choppy.....couple good days....a bad on....and so on! But You are through the worst for sure..."In My Opinion"! Stay Strong Just For Today Jess!! Keep posting how you are doing as well!! it REALLY Helps!!

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    Jess you are in for a much better life keep going, Have you looked up Thomas recipe? It helps with wds, such as RLs, hot soaks really help with physical wds and exercise helps the mind and body. We all recover at different times after quitting. The length of use and amount usually affect recovery time. Sleep is tough to come by, If you can whenever your body will let sleep jump on it, it will be short but its something maybe a hour or so. I don't want to scare you but I had almost none for three weeks and then it slowly returned. But I went ct at 6-8 mgs a day and I was on them 2 1/2 years and on hydros about 6 1/2 years before that. I want you to know that this life is the one you want not the one on drugs, I am almost 2yrs clean and I will never go back this is wayyyyyyy better so don't go back you are almost thru the worst of it, things should start improving for you,I don't like giving time lines because we all heal differently, it should not get worse now but slowly improve from here so hang tough better days and life ahead!!! Hope this helps keep us posted.
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