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Super Mom now feeling Super Stupid
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    Default Super Mom now feeling Super Stupid

    For some reason, I thought it would be better to go from all the Norcos I was taking inconsistently to taking my doc's suggestion of the Butrans patch. I actually looked into sub pills and the doctors around here or so inundated that it was going to take me months to get in, which I am on the list for with two offices, but to get off the ups and downs of pills, because I Do have pain that CAN be fixed actually, I agreed on the patches 5mcg. Now I'm feeling really uneasy after typing out the issues on my other thread and spending like the last 24 hours looking all over online. Some people love the patches, some people hate them, but it IS just a substitute for the other stuff and I don't feel good about that right now.

    Oh...and I only told my husband about the pill "problem" a few days ago. It's all good, he understands, he's behind me whatever I do, feels good that I got rid of all of the pills, and is feeling more comfortable with the consistency of the patch than what he was worried would happen if I happened to take too many pills one day. He knew I was taking them and that sometimes I took too much, he just didn't know how often "sometimes" or how much "too much" was. I feel so much better we're moving forward TOGETHER in this.

    But feeling bad about this possibly dumbass decision.

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    dont feel bad. i used subs to get off all the other stuff id been injecting for years and years. i just wanted to warn you, that the best way to taper off subs is going to smaller and smaller doses. and being on a patch will not let you do that. perhaps when you are ready to taper, your doctor could script you some subs, and you can do the standard taper. which is reduce your dose by 25% at a time, wait at least 4 days until you feel stable, then reduce again.

    at least i can say i used subs to get clean mate. im still clean. been off subs 19 months now. so they do work.

    least you are off the dreaded pills. i found on subs i did feel normal. which was great.

    keep it up. read around here. its ok. its not the worst thing in the world... go easy on yourself.

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