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Support needed - dihydrocodeine
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    Default Support needed - dihydrocodeine

    Moved from Thomas thread


    Ok never done this before, let alone gone sort of public, but the nature if the people seem very supportive and I feel this is the time. I am getting others into trouble with health doctors by using their prescriptions. I am based in the UK.

    Drug of choice. 7 x 30 mg dihydrocodeine and 30/500 co codomol fizzy 5 times a day. When unable to get CWE Paromol 8mg per tab and OTC co codomol 12mg per tab. Time over 5 years

    Unable to go to the doctors as they are extremely judgemental.

    Other meds I am on are for depression, BP, cholesterol, water and beta blockers for BP

    I have 3 very good reasons to stop, I hate my self, a loving partner and late teenager child. Both are aware of the problem but not the severity

    I have watched this site and believe I can get the help and support I need. I don't need judgement have already done that and condemned myself

    I should be on 2 30mg dihydrocodeine x 4 times a day (max UK dose) with support from paracetamol for the break through.

    My partner wants me to go on the correct dosage straight away, Bear in mind he does not know the extent, with them handing the pills with support from the T Receipe.

    I know that is not possible as my strength and will poor is very poor at present

    Due to this addiction I have had to close my business down due to extremely bad decision making, that no only cost my career, but very nearly but me in prison, and I then had a nervous breakdown.

    I originally took the painkillers for hip problems, but they became a crutch for every problem that came my way. Working 80 hour weeks, caring for 2 parents who then passed away, my mum 6 months ago. A very major blow.

    Also bringing up my daughter as a single parent due to husband not really interested. I was the major wage earner my husband liked the spending. I also ran the home. My husband went to work came home, and relaxed ( although he did work long hours)

    He now realises that he should have got involved long ago, and perhaps listen when I tried to tell him. He is now very willing to be supportive, to help. But my guilt issues over what has happened, job, and everything has stopped me coming completely clean. Even though I supported him for nearly 30 years with the lifestyle we had. He wanted it he got it. It sounds as if I a bitter, but I'm not I treated him like a kid, so I got a kid who didn't need to do chores.

    So I have now but a plan in place for a reduction system based on 20-25% reduction over 7 day intervals.

    The first dose is 80% of the 210mg to 168mg per dose for 4 times per day, and 3 x 12mg co codomol

    I will be at this dose until Friday 24th, I am now on the second day using this plus the Thomas stuff. I can't get hold of benzo, so I'm using Valerian, and Nytol one a night, to help with sleep.

    At present I have a steady hammer effect headache, continuously. Some RLS, hot and colds. Angry, irritated feeling and clock watching for the next dose. (6am, 12 midday, 5pm, 12 midnight)

    I only really know at present I need advice from the "been there got the T shirt gang". Is this torturing myself doing it this way, or a good plan?

    Any advice or suggestions, and hints of what to expect gratefully accepted

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    Default Still day 3 11:30 am in the UK

    Feeling terrible. Low grade fever and chills, very achy, thumping headache and very down. Is this worth it?

    The temptation to go and get another dose is strong. I'm on my own. Husband at work, daughter at college - no one will know. I will know the failure.

    Also there is a good policy in the UK, and pharmacy people act on it. If they think you are abusing they won't sell. Tell you to go to the doctor. Round here I have exhausted my options, and would have to ask someone to get it, in turn they would let my husband know. Not telling tales, but asking how I am with the flu.

    I hope my mum is watching over me. God I miss her so much !

    Is any one wanting a chat ! I know this site is mainly USA, so I think it is early morning there. But there doesn't appear to be anything as good here is the UK

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    Hi there..
    It can be quite on the boards during the weekends..
    It will pick up today..

    Hopefully you will or have taken a look at the Thomas Receipe on here..
    It has lots of supplement suggestions on there..
    They will help tremendously..
    I used just about all of them minus the benzo..
    I didn't need another problem..

    Being clean is the best thing ever..
    I jumped 2+ months ago from suboxone
    And 11 months ago from methadone..
    It all started with a pill problem after an accident..
    I have a thread called finally ready to ask for help..
    If you would
    Ike to read it ..

    It will get better..
    Each day after days 3-5 will get better..
    I promise..
    Hide your clocks ..
    Stay busy
    Drink water, Gatorade..
    It sounds like you have exhausted your resources..
    Best to stop before something illegal is your only next choice..
    If you know what I mean?

    In the states
    California many have gone to herion from a pill addiction..
    It is getting harder to get pills..

    You picked a great time to stop
    Great place ..
    We will support you !

    I will check back later..

    Take care


    My mum was born in England
    Is watching over me too!
    I think the plan was they could do a better job from up there...
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    I just reared your post..

    I could never taper..
    You can try ..
    But sitting and watching the clock and waiting to dose is going to hard..

    If you just jump in 3-5 days it wouldbe over..
    Honestly it is really difficult to evaluate your pain. Or how you feel while on any opiates..

    You might be surprised how much better you feel !

    No more guilt
    No more lies
    No more secrets ..
    So much more time to take care of you and your family!

    You can always go back!
    I will talk to you later

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    Yes I beginning to think that CT could be a better way

    I like the bit about "doing a better job from up there" I haven't thought of it that way. Just how much I miss her. Also the thought that she can see everything now, seems to make me more determined. Dumb isn't, I know how much she hated me taking painkillers when she was alive, but to me that was nagging. Now I would do anything for her

    There is a big lesson there. Hope it helps someone else

    Thanks for talking Bette. Chat soon
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