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Taper Fentanyl Patch
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    Default Taper Fentanyl Patch

    Hello, Im new here & hoping to find someone who is experienced tapering from 25 mcg Mylan pain patch (not a gel patch) to half of that strength to 12.5 mcg pain patch. Im hoping from the 12.5 strength I will be able to go cold turkey after weaning myself to the lowest strength available without WD symptoms in a matter of weeks. Ive been on a 25 mcg patch for 4 yrs. Ive already started with 1/2 of a 25 patch 3 days ago. I changed to the other 1/2 patch today following the normal pattern of changing to a new patch every 3 days.
    Ive not felt the best, going to half strength & having a daily headache, but dont feel the worse either. Should I taper more slowly? I'm terrified of WD!
    If anyone has experience with tapering with this type of pain patch, I'd appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks, Martyme
    Also, any advice on posting on this forum would be helpful also. Not sure what trackbacks are?

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    I tapered all the way down to about 2mcg. Slowly, well, I thought it was slow. Took about 8 weeks from 75 to 2. I was prescribed them for an injury I sustained during a routine surgery. I chose to quit because I knew that it wasn’t good for me to take for too long- I was on the patch for about a year. Withdrawal was awful. Nothing really makes it easy, but you can make it worse by jumping too fast. Phenergan and zofran helped with nausea. Good luck!

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