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Tell Friends About Antidepressants?
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    Default Tell Friends About Antidepressants?

    Hello, I came here looking for a little advice. I'm a college student, and while my friends / peers know that I have been rather depressed / down for awhile, I don't think they would ever expect me to begin taking antidepressants. I have been prescribed adderall for a few months, and after now speaking to my doctor I am going to soon be taking only welbutrin by itself. After some research I've found that drinking on wellbutrin (and antidepressants in general) can be very dangerous. But as a college student in a college town, drinking is a regular activity, it's how we socialize. Because I want to cure my depression, I want to be able to get the maximum benefits from this medication, and therefore will have to stop drinking. My friends/peers will notice this and will undoubtedly ask questions. Should I be open with them about my medication, or do you think that after learning that I am on antidepressants that they will think of me differently or talk about it behind my back? Maybe it would be better to use some other excuse ? What do you guys think

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    Hi and welcome. I get what u r saying. However, ur health comes first. Antidepressants are very common meds. Its not a label that ur nuts. It shows great maturity to stop drinking and let the meds work. U r there to het educated so u can make money and have a good life. If u tell someone, and they judge u, imo they r not ur friend. Better to know now, right? Stay strong and take care of u. Im proud u have the insight to so the right thing. Many in ur situation would not. Be proud! U got this!

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