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    Default Thanks for replying mpvt

    I replied to your post but I am not sure how this site works yet.Anyhow,to answer your questions , when I first started taking the percs I followed the Dr. orders,now I am taking more and more.I am definatly abusing.I so want to get off of them , as I cannot afford to buy them off the street and hate having to find them all the time . I am just so afraid of the withdrawl , as I have gone a few days without and thought I would die. Can your family Dr. perscribe methadone and suboxone ? I would find the money somehow if I could get them . I have been searching the net for the best wat to detox from opiates and the suboxone seems to be the best way to go. What do you think?

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    I agree that suboxone is best suited to you but since it's not available yet then you need to call a methadone clinic and do what I suggested. That's , tell them your drug history and tell them you don't want to go on MMT but that you want to use the methadone as a way to detox.Doctors in Canada have to take a special 8hr course to recieve the right to prescribe methadone and buprenorphene(suboxone).I actually have found a doctor in Oshawa ontario that runs out of his office so it is very different from a clinic setting.Let me know how it goes. Also, if you don't have drug insurance then just so you know, methadone is very cheap.I take 300 mgs a day and it only costs $7 a day.......Dave

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