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Use Vicodin to get off of Methadone?
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    Default Use Vicodin to get off of Methadone?

    My doctor put me on a slow detox from methadone which he put me on for chronic neck pain; however, I don't like the power it has over me and the fact that it's one of the hardest drugs to come off of. (Wish I had known that before getting on it.)

    Anyway, I used to take Vicodin for 4 years for chronic pain but my doctor thought that a long acting drug like Methadone would be better. My goal now is to be off of pain medications completely but until then does anyone know if one can use Vicodin to get off of of Methadone faster than 3 months?

    I ask this because even on only 5 mgs (cut in half, taking 2.5 daily) the withdrawal pain is still hard to manage. I tried using the weakest opiate--Tramadol--but the side effects were too bad. Anyway, I'm a writer who needs to go back to work and can't do so if I'm in this kind of pain for three months!

    My theory is that if I take a weaker opiate to replace the stronger opiate, then after a month I can get off the weaker opiate (Vicodin) much easier than the stronger opiate (Methadone).

    I know that some people use Vicodin for breakthrough pain when getting off of Methadone but why can't they just stop taking Methadone altogether and immediately replace it with Vicodin? ( As some of you know, I tried getting off of Methadone cold turkey and by the 4th day I was in hell.)

    Any help anyone can give on this would be very much appreciate. I did e-mail my pain doctor and asked him the same question but having others share their experiences would very helpful too.

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    You need to slow your detox down.You can't jump off methadone at 2.5mgs or you'll suffer terrible withdrawls.
    Vicodins probably won't do much good but propoxyphene (which is chemically similar to methadone) has worked as a detox.
    If your doctor will order you Darvon,Darvocet ect(propoxyphene) then you can start to take that instead of the methadone.Try and get as low as you can on the methadone before switching over.Remember also that when you make a dose change, it takes 5 days minimum for your methadone serum levels to reach that new dose.So it takes time,it's not like coming off vicodin or other short acting opiates.You have to take the time and let your body change with the dose changes.
    One other option you have is suboxone(buprenorphene). You can read up on it and find prescribing doctors in your area at .....Good luck...Dave

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