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voluntarily detoxing the involuntary way
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    Unhappy voluntarily detoxing the involuntary way

    Hi. I'm new here and would appreciate some sound advice. I'm a methadone addict, have been for about two years now. I can't seem to quit the slow way--and now my financial situation has kicked my a** into 5th gear. I have to stop--NOW. I bring home my doses from my clinic. I know that when someone is "involuntarily" detoxed, they go down 10mgs a day, until they're done. I've decided to do that to myself this week. I have a baby medicine doser that measures in milliliters, and the methadone is 10mgs per mL. I'm on day three--I'm still feeling okay. But I'm scared to death. I'm a pansy when it comes to being sick, and I'm alone now and have a daughter to take care of. Am I crazy for trying this? Can it be done? Will I be "coherent" enough to take care of my child? Or do I need to call someone to help me? Hurry, please. I've only got 3more days till cold turkey time.

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    Hi, megs... No, you're not crazy. Getting off good old 'done might be the best thing you could possibly do. Each person is a bit different, but you know if you're really ready or not. You can certainly do it. Just ready as much as you can on this forum and be prepared. I once did a very quick taper to 10mg and jumped. It was pretty rough for a solid week and I'd say I have a fairly high tolerance for discomfort.

    My main concern woud be for your daughter and the first couple days. Is there anyone she could go "visit" for a bit? Grandma, etc...? You may well (or not) be able to take care of her basic needs, but you will most likely be in pretty scary shape and may not want her to see you like that. It can be rather frightening, even for another adult. Plus, it helps if you have someone around for yourself, too. If not, you can always post here. At least to me, this forum has been a great help.

    That said, I'd recommend milking what you have for as long as you can. If you have 3 days at 10, why not do 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 or something like that? It might help.

    Regardless, hang in there and best of luck.

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