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Wanting to start Methadone
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    Default Wanting to start Methadone

    I get 120 10 mg Roxy and 120 30 mg Roxy a month. I used to take them like the Dr said but after a period of time the pain has become worse so I started using dope the help manage the pain and doubled up on the pain meds to help with the pain and because I don't want to go through withdrawals. I can't afford to miss work and jeopardizes my job. I have a list of medical conditions but the only one I am worried about is hepatitis c that I have had since a child and I am now 34. I have gone into liver failure about 7 months ago for my first time. I'm wanting to go on methadone but not sure how the clinics work. Its been a 6 year battle and I'm tired of being on the losing side. I know that I'm always going to have good and bad days with the hep c but I want my life back from the pain meds.

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    Welcome to you. That is a LOT of Roxy per month!!! WOW!!! If you're wanting to be on long term or a lifetime of pain management then methadone would be a good choice for that purpose. But if getting off drugs and/or getting clean and free of addictive drugs is your wish then Suboxone would be be the best choise in my opinion. Suboxone would be by far a much better choice for that purpose.

    You'll have to go to a clinic in person and it's usually first come first serve. You'll be required to be drug tested with urine and possibly blood work. They formulate a plan for you based on your previous drug use and any pain problems. You'll have to be at the clinic each day to dose. Sometimes if the patient has followed all rules and had no problems they're allowed to have "take home" doses. The dose will be determined after all tests have been performed. Unless things have changed that's basically the way it works.

    I was on methadone myself after years of drug abuse. I hated that stuff. It's important to note that I had no pain issues, only heavily addicted to a variety of drugs, both legal and illegal. I eventually ended up abusing the methadone. It made me crazy and like a walking talking monster. I couldn't get off it fast enough.

    I heard a lot about Suboxone to fight addiction. I researched it extensively. I tried to induct myself twice and went into PW's twice! That totally sucks! I finally found a sub doctor, was inducted, and stayed on subs for about 9 months to get all addictive behaviors far from my thinking. Subs were a great drug and a great medication for me and for many others that use it here. It's no miracle cure and it's a strong opiate also. But if fighting addiction is your goal then subs are a much better choice than methadone in my eyes.

    You'll have to make your own decision. Read around the forum here and find all the info you can on both methadone and suboxone. There is plenty available here for the reading. I can help you with the subs for sure. If you choose methadone I can still be of some help. Ask all the questions you have. Hope this helps.

    Let us know what you decide.

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    Hi there..
    If you are going to a CRC methadone clinic you will get a dose on the first appt if you do not have any benzo in your system..
    Have you given yourself a chance to evaluate your pain off of pain meds..
    I was on 30-50 Norco 10s a day after a car accident then 100-150mg methadone a day for 10 years.
    I thought that was a better choice.
    I have hep c too..
    Finally was able to induce onto subs and now almost off of them..
    But my pain meds were causing so much more pain than I actually had..
    Rebound pain..
    They are not really that great for chronic pain unless numb is what you want to be..
    Methadone is a better choice in my opinion but it is very hard to get off of..
    Sometimes the pain is more bearable than the feelings about oneself that the meds cause..
    Pain will not kill us..
    But behaviors related to opiates legal or illegal can kill us..
    I would hate to see a person not at least evaluate their pain from a non habituated frame of mind..
    The mind is very powerful..

    We will be here to support you which ever you choose..
    I would start either of them at the lowest dose possible..
    If you are ever going to need surgery there are not many stronger options..
    I would research both from people other than the developers of them..
    Their truth and an addicted persons truth will probaly be different..
    I will check back
    Take care
    I luv2
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    Be careful taking any pain madication, as it is narcotics meds which can be addicting. Better take it as prescribed to avoid serious withdrawal.

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