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Wanting to understand my journey
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    Default Wanting to understand my journey

    I've used OTC codeine for last 10 years, I stopped using on Friday night just passed.
    About 4 years ago I went on a trip with girlfriends and did not take any codeine for 10 days, however I did not have any withdrawal symptoms. Now that I've actively stopped, I have experienced some of them, and now on day 7 I'm still struggling to sleep and feel like my muscles are constantly weak and have no energy.
    I've been reading through lots of posts on this board, I almost get the feeling that this struggle will never end and I'll forever have the feeling of 'somethings missing'.
    I guess I'm just looking for advice in regards to what I'm feeling and also if there's a difference coming off codeine as opposed to hydrocodone and others that are stronger.

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    Hi MazT!

    I’ve only taken Codeine at length once in my life, around 120mg a day for 60 days. I was in the military at the time, and not medically profiled otherwise. Meaning I remained active 12+ hours a day during my withdrawals. It was milder than the flu, and the only memorable issue I remember was really craving Codeine when I was stressed or in pain. That lasted a couple weeks. I can only suggest researching things like the Thomas Recipe for withdrawals. I found certain meds to be useful for calming me down in withdrawals, like Gabapentin, Clonidine, and for relaxing sleep, Remeron (sedating antidepressant).

    It looks like you’re experiencing a pretty typical withdrawal. Regular sleep and getting out of what I call a “funk” were the last things to improve, but they did resolve within weeks. I found the sensation of craving to be rough though, and only time helped end that.

    Take care, and keep at it. 7 days is a long ways toward feeling well again. Congrats!

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