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What age is too young, too new, too inexperienced?
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    Default What age is too young, too new, too inexperienced?

    I ended up on this forum because of my sincere displeasure with the Dr in charge of the Pain Mgmt Clinic I was part of. He kept getting up and walking out of appointments that I was in the middle of meeting with him...and never coming back.

    I came to this forum because he repeated 3 times his belief that " I as at an all time low in my life " to which I finally got angry and replied to him, right then and there "YES, ****, but it's because of you, not because of medication!"

    I ended up on Suboxone partially thanks to him, partially due to his ignorance. I wanted to find out if anyone else had filed a complaint on him, and whether I should either, so I checked the Minnesota Medical Licensing page online.

    Turns out that to date, noone evidently has filed a complaint with the Minnesota medical board. But, what I did find out is that this Dr is in charge of dozens and dozens of peoples lives and pain medications, and just did his Post in late 2015.

    So therein lies the soon is too soon for a Dr with this complicated of a position, to step into it? Is he too young, too inexperienced, too raw, to be managing all these peoples lives? Or is it just one of those deals...jump into the deep end of the pool and swim!

    My gut feeling before I knew he was 1+ yr out of Grad school, was that he was way too inexperienced and it was WAY too early for him to have that complicated of a position. WAY too early. Now, knowing what I know about his recent graduation, I never in a million years would have trusted him or trusted his medical inexperience to handle my life, my pain, my situation. I cannot figure out why or how, he sold a hospital on allowing him to have complete control of their Pain Mgmt and Pain Clinic, not to mention it was a brand new clinic!

    I am very interested in your thoughts? My gut feeling is that the hospital is just weeks away from their first malpractice suit.
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