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What to do?
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    Ok, so I'm finally going thru this for the whateverith time and one thing that I do know is that after I come out of this, as a man, I'm a have issues with my sexual life.. Now, I'm in a new found relationship and I see that coming about very soon and I'm petrified about letting her down lol Is there any supplement or way around this issue? The literally lasting 10 seconds issue because that can be an issue in the future. I'm thinking maybe alcohol lol but I'm sure I'm not the only one whos been thru or going thru this so PLEASE Any advice will help! It seems as if while on oxy you can go on and onnnn and I'm not even going to attempt to try and set myself up by getting some for that night cus no I know its not that easy.... I just need another way lol ??

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    Hello Loyalty, I see you now have started your 6th thread. As Randy suggested in one of your threads to stick to just one as it has all your history and will not be as confusing for us to follow you and help with suggestions. I'm no sure what questions you are asking are you still taking opiates? Did you follow threw with a taper plan? Cold turkey? Update us on where you are at so we can better give you our experience strength and hope. Please stick to one thread...

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