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when will effects from zyprexa wear off?
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    Default when will effects from zyprexa wear off?

    I took 10 mg of zyprexa as prescribed last night and it made me so tired I slept from 11 P.M. last night to 430 P.M. today! My doc. told me to try it out and see if I have any neg side effects... I'm exhausted! I have some major exams this week I need to study for and I feel very lethargic and dizzy! when will these effects FULLY wear off if I don't take it again? Is there a way to help them pass sooner? Is there any hope of these after-effects wearing off today?

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    I would love to help you but I don't know anything about this medication. I'm sure it will wear off soon. Take care and I wouldn't be afraid to call your doctors office and ask.

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