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Zunsolv Experience Needed
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    Default Zunsolv Experience Needed

    Hi everyone. Im brand new to website; Found it looking for advice with issue I’m having. Besides doing the same thing over &over expecting different results =insanity. Ive been addicted to opiates on &off as long as I remember. Entered recovery 2 yrs after becoming an RN. (never intended to cross the line but well u get the pic- I was like a kid in a candy store). I put together almost 11 yrs of clean &sober time & relapsed. That was beginning of the end. In a span of 2 1/2 yrs I had 2 failed cervical fusions &relapsed on the post op narcotics. Yes I should have told the doc I was in recovery but the disease was louder than my recovery &in the midst of a move from FL to CO, dealing with 20 yo meth addicted daughter (2 dogs don’t make a cat, right?), homeless TBI son, &no recovery mtgs. Since then I’ve been in &out while getting dx of fibromyalgia plus the pain from the failed fusions was horrendous. So now I’m not working &on disability. I pretty much just get Norco here &there (ie hubbies gout flare up, sister in law had a few, etc etc). Id put together six mo & relapse. Fortunately for me It’s downright impossible to get anything unless u go to the street which ive not done YET. But now eat edibles for the pain at times &so feel like a hypocrite at mtgs & stopped going. So here we are at today. Went to FL for a visit & friend of mine w/ chronic pain on Zubsolv told me how wonderful it is. Takes away pain, no high. Best thing ever. She gave me 20 to hold me over til seeing a sub doc. That was 10 days ago. I only take half of 5.7. It is heaven for me, I’ve so much energy and feels like opiate but one of best except with too much nod &tiny bit irritable. My husband is very supportive, he hates to see me in the pain. But I’m scared to death after reading about others wds. I know the high will start to taper off... at this point I’m thinking best just to use as judiciously possible and done but that’s very difficult given how they make me feel. HELP!!!! Ps sorry such a long post but wanted to include all pertinent info. Thank you!

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    Hi Jane,
    I'm sorry you felt shunned. It's a horrible feeling. I think you are in the "Need to Talk" forum and that would be why. Try to open a new thread in the Suboxone forum. I am in the "Need to Talk" forum too and I find I don't get many responses on my thread so I go to that forum and talk to people. I hope you found some help. You should definately stop sub if you're liking the high. It's very addictive and alot harder to get off. In my opinion should only be used for withdrawing off other opiates. Hope you are doing well. Update when you can. Hope you're still here.
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    Hello I have tapered on everything known in opioid family etc mark my words out of opioids subsolv is by far the worse withdrawal I have ever encountered!! It feels exactly the same but is 2-3X as long!!!! Get out while you still can!!! I highly suggest Kratom powder to taper helps with pain doesn’t taste very good but withdrawal is short lived comparing to opioids nothing has compared to subs similar to methodone! Only warning is Kratom is highly addictive for addictive personalities and I am currently seeking willpower to quit Kratom after over a year so do not recommend replacing if you also have addictive personality I suggest quitting cold turkey just use of natural vitamins from opiate freedom center really was effective if you want to just ease the withdrawal and not replace it. Have more to say but not enough time to be continued just felt compelled to warn you about subsolv from my experience

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